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Tree Removal

SiteRanger provides tree removal and tree limbing services across the Columbia, SC area. We offer estimates for each job. Call us when you have tree cutting needs.

Tree Removal

At SiteRanger, we specialize in removing trees in tight spaces. We have experience removing trees from between structures, trees that overhang homes and trees that are close to other shrubs and garden areas.

Reasons to remove trees from your property:

Landscaping, Building or Shade Needs – If a tree is providing an obstruction, posing a risk to existing structure or needs removed to clear space for planned building or plantings, SiteRanger is ready to remove the tree for you.

Storm Damage – Trees damaged during a storm may need special care to remove from your property. Trees that have fallen on or against homes or buildings or are now leaning against other trees need removed before the damage increases.

Damaged or Diseased Trees – Trees that are damaged or diseased can pose a threat to surrounding property. Remove these trees before the situation worsens.

Before and After Tree Removal

Methods we use to remove trees:

Dropping – Where there is adequate clearance a tree can simply be cut at the base and dropped at one time. While dropping is the fastest and most affordable method for tree removal, it is not always practical due to nearby obstructions.

Climbing, Limbing and Sectioning – When there are nearby obstructions, SiteRanger is equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to climb the tree and remove limbs safely. Once limbs are removed the trunk is sectioned and safely lowered one piece at a time.

Tree Debris Removal – After the tree is down, SiteRanger will remove the limbs, tree and debris from your property. If you desire to keep any of the wood, be sure to let us know in advance.

Turn a Tree into a Memory

Maybe you really don’t want to lose a special tree but it’s just grown too big. How about saving some of the tree as a special piece of furniture, wall paneling or a fireplace mantel? Visit our sister company to learn about converting that special tree into some lumber pieces…and great memories.

It’s a SiteClear exclusive service.

Tree Milled and Made into a Mantle


Removing trees and tree trimming services in the Columbia area including Irmo, Chapin and Little Mountain.

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Tree Removal

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