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Tree Limbing

SiteRanger provides tree removal and tree limbing services across the Columbia, SC area. We offer estimates for each job. Call us when you have tree cutting needs.

Tree Limbing

Tree limbing is used to prune or thin trees or remove large branches and limbs that may cause a hazard. A tree may take damage from a storm or pests that is isolated to one or a few limbs. In these situations, we climb the tree and remove the specified limbs while protecting the overall tree.

Another reason for tree limbing is to increase the amount of sunlight that penetrates the tree canopy. If the lawn or underlying shrubs are not receiving enough sunlight, thinning the number of branches in the tree will still offer shade and maintain the beauty of the tree while increasing the light that reaches the ground beneath the tree.

Tree shaping and tree health are also reasons to remove limbs from a tree. Limbs that have grown intertwined or begin to touch and rub against other limbs will eventually cause damage to the tree. Removing these limbs will improve the overall presentation of the tree and extend the life of the tree by preventing problems.

Limbs that grow over homes, parking area or other structures on a property may also need removed. We perform limbing on overhanging branches while keeping those limbs away from the home or structures they overhang.

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